Felting and structuring needles, Jet strip and the board master system from GROZ-BECKERT are a driving force for the nonwovens industry. In addition to tools and accessories for nonwovens production, from a single source and for all areas of application, GROZ-BECKERT also offers the kind of service that makes you feel truly secure. Conquer new heights in the world of nonwovens production! Our products are:

NEEDLING - The bonding of a nonwoven can occur through thermal, chemical or mechanical means, and often with the aid of felting needles.
With the mechanical bonding method, fibers are transported by means of barbed felting needles to form the nonwoven. The increased friction and entanglement between the fibers, ultimately bonds the nonwoven. The needle board of a needling machine contains a high density of needles. An up and down movement guides the needles through the nonwoven.
GROZ-BECKERT provides a wide range of felting and structuring needles to meet different performance requirements.

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JET STRIPS - A further method of mechanical bonding of nonwovens is hydroentanglement, also known as the SPUNLACE technique.


BOARD MASTER SYSTEM - The handling of needle boards and needling in general play a role in the entire process that should not be underestimated.

Two components make the board master system in to the ideal solution for more efficient needleboard logistics: The fast and efficient needling system known as the NEEDLEMASTER, and the BOARDSCOOT, The mechanical needle board wagon for safe transportation of needleboard.

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